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How to Become An Author

Becoming an author is not an impossible undertaking. Most people are stuck in the planning stage of their writing careers. This may turn out to be the answer to your prayers. What it needs are your focus and determination. There are areas in your life that will not remain the same if you are to achieve success writing.

To write a book, you will have to make time for it. If you have a day job, you will need to eliminate all unnecessary activities in your life, so that you do not interfere with what you are currently doing. It will be very important to get your family on board. They could serve as your soundboard. Make time to be with them too.

Take note of every strand of thought that comes to you from your book, wherever you are. You can worry about how they will fit into your story some other time. It is a great way to beat writer’s block and to gather enough material for your book. What you are looking for is a great narrative. Before you become a well-established author, it would be wise to avoid complicated writing.
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There is an option of publishing your work, or getting it published elsewhere. To ensure you get the best rates, shop around the various publishing houses. You may rely on your network to try and get a good deal. You could also ask other authors directly for assistance from their contacts. A professionally edited and published book has better chances of selling. Spending on publishing fees is a worthy investment.
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When you decide to write; you will be more comfortable and thus a better writer when you settle on topics that you can have a lot to say about. A well-chosen subject puts you at ease, and gives you freedom to stretch your writing boundaries.

It wise not to leave all the marketing duties to the publisher, as much as they are responsible for this. While they will deliver on this front, only you can give your book the attention and dedication it deserves. Choose carefully who you give the first copies of your book, as their influence and contacts could be key to getting your book recognized. Having it reviewed also adds to its appeal. The chosen reviewer should be reputable. It does not hurt to get your book mentioned in the newspapers and similar publishing. The idea is to get them to write about your book, thus exposing it to a wider audience. For an even greater outreach and advertising effort, a website for your book plays a critical role. This will be in keeping with the current trend of physical and online product launches. By keeping these ideas in mind, you stand a better chance of starting your writing career well.