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Facts Regarding Mobile E-learning Platforms Mobile learning, also known as m-Learning, has become the norm in most e-learning options. It is a point worth considering that m-Learning has invaded the e-Learning scene, and it cuts across all limitations of age, geography and career level. This is mainly due to the presence of smartphones whose processing and data handling capabilities rival those of computers.It is incredibly true to highlight that this is because of smartphones whose processing and data handling capabilities rival those of computers The ease of carrying smartphones has made them a great tool for m-Learning. This has made learners are more inclined to browse through mobile phone screens as opposed to desktop screens. This could be due to the shift in the profiles of students. In an organization, there might be various generations that work for the company ranging from the traditional learners, generation, generation Y and generation Y. It is undoubtedly true to conclude that most of the workforce is made up of young people who grew up with the internet and have easily adopted the use of tablets and smartphones for learning. It is worth noting the fact that there has also been a shift in learning patterns and most e-Learning platforms use various media to keep the learner engaged. The variety of media ranges from slide shows, videos, podcasts, audio as well as micro-learning on the go. Mobile learning platforms also allow for flexibility as the learner can choose which course to do and even do multiple courses at once. It is fascinating to note that the students can also choose their learning environment and learning times.
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There have also been radical shifts in device usage with most organizations emphasizing that employees bring their own devices. The ease of carrying smartphones makes them the best tools to carry.
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The other aspect is that even traditional courses have shifted towards the use of mobile phones with minimal effort. This is because m-Learning offers a better learning experience and provides the learners with the flexibility they want. There are many advantages associated with m-Learning one of them being the flexibility to students. It is important to know that learning is no longer confined to place or time thus the student can learn at any time they want. A known fact is that m-Learning also offers flexibility regarding teaching media as individuals can learn about new information in exciting formats like through videos or podcasts. On a brighter side it is also known that mobile learning also increases the rates of completion because the information provided on these platforms is chunk-sized and concise. It is incredible to highlight that this enables learners to complete courses faster and even begin new courses. It is worth noting the fact that apart from increasing the rate of completion, mLearning platforms also offer high engagement rates as opposed to traditional teaching methods. Mobile learning has removed the need for classrooms but not killed the collaborative learning that occurs in a classroom. Mobile learning also offers online learning communities that enable learners discuss concepts and get a better understanding.