The Advantages of Choosing a Fashion Styling Program in Los Angeles

When you’re choosing where to get your fashion industry education you might wonder what city to select.  Should you study in Paris?  What about New York?  You should know that there are some advantages to choosing a fashion styling program in Los Angeles.

Entertainment Industry

Los Angeles is the only city in the world that can boast complete access to the entertainment industry.  Though film studios exist all over the world, the major ones are in LA.  This means that that is where the jobs are centered.

Movie studios have back lots and stages where many television shows and movies are filmed.  Of course many stylists are hired on a freelance basis to work on these projects.  Those who live in the area usually get first dibs.

There are also lots of production companies in town.  These are smaller facilities that produce everything from commercials to music videos.  These companies also keep stylists busy and working on a monthly basis.

If you study in this city you will be getting a head start on your career simply by your proximity to the business and your potential access to important people through internships.  It makes sense that you’ll want to establish roots in a place where jobs will be plentiful.  LA is definitely the Mecca of career styling.

While it’s true that many productions are filmed outside of California, the individuals who work on them are still predominantly hired in town and then travel to the film destination.  Get into a fashion styling program in Los Angeles and you’ll be two steps ahead of the game.


All the training of image stylists and fashion stylists in the world won’t do you any good if you can’t find a job.  As with any other position, it could come down to “who you know.”  If you are able to make connections in LA while you are still at school you’ll have an easier time getting hired after you graduate.

You’ll be able to attend events and parties in the area and meet individuals who are already working in the business.  Your classmates may have parents who work in entertainment or who own production companies.  They are more likely to hire someone they know.

You may even be able to volunteer as an intern on set and gain valuable experience while still in school.  If one place can’t hire you, they may be able to refer you to someone who can.  When you get out of school you’ll know many people you can call on to help you with your job search.

Good Professors

Many professors of creative coursework are themselves working in the same field.  For instance a screenwriting professor may actually have written and sold screenplays.  You can expect professors in Southern Cali to have working knowledge of the styling business.

In addition to what you learn from your textbooks, a professor who has actually worked in fashion can teach you so much more.  “Book smarts” can only get you so far, at a certain point you need to know how to apply that wisdom to working scenarios.

Carefully weigh your options between a fashion styling program in Los Angeles or one somewhere else.  The right choice could really pay off!