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6 Traits of Great Government Leaders in South Africa

It is true that the political party that one supports will be a great deciding factor of whether he or she gets elected or not. The love for a certain political outfit is, therefore, the deciding factor here, regardless of the personality of the individuals who are vying for seats on it. A select few individuals, on the other hand, base their selections on the qualities or characteristics of the politicians. Before you elect someone into office, make certain they have the following 6 qualities of political leadership.

Promises are the hallmarks of any political campaign period. You need to observe keenly to ensure that such promises are realistic, not idealistic. Failure to observe this rule will leave the electorate with unfulfilled promises, years after the election is over. The ability of a political candidate to keep his or her word is a rare trait but it forms the foundation of all other qualities.

A good political leader understands that there are differences of opinion and tries to find a middle ground. Due to the differences in backgrounds and experiences, divergent views will always form part of the political landscape. Consequently, these differences are expected even after the elections where they form the forces behind the opposition. The good thing about differing opinions is that people are introduced to new ways of looking at things, and that is what leads to the choice of the best alternatives that are before them.

The search for an honest leader will never cease. However, honesty is a trait that is not easy to come across because most characters are just looking for approval, meaning that they will say what they want you to hear. On the other hand, a truthful leader knows that he or she might lose an election, but he or she will never tell lies to the public.

It is tough to find an elected or appointed leader who is independent in his or her actions. The reason is that a majority of the characters in office are just doing the bidding of foreign nations or powerful businesspersons in their jurisdictions. An independent candidate will always receive campaign funding from well-known sources and will never side with any person or organization.

It is tough to find a government leader who admits whenever he or she makes a mistake. In most cases blame games will rule the day, and that will make it difficult to move forward because the source of the problem will be tough to find. Great leaders will even resign from their positions to pave the way for independent inquiries into the matters under discussion.

Selflessness is a critical leadership trait. Sadly, many of the persons who venture into politics do so for selfish reasons that range from the need to carry out their illegal business activities uninterrupted or to get lucrative government contracts. There are those who will never relinquish power when their terms come to an end and will even change the respective constitutions to make that happen.

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