Some of the best short term courses after graduation in commerce to pursue

Do you think having a graduate degree in commerce will help you get a job? Do you believe the knowledge you have acquired through your college will be more than enough to secure your lifetime financially? If yes, then you need to think again. Join quality short term courses after graduation in commerce and give yourself a better chance to secure your career.

Accounts and Taxation Training

In today’s harsh competition, just having a normal graduate or post graduate degree is not enough to secure your career and make a better financial living. It requires you to join some additional training courses if you wish to succeed over your potential competitors and get a fine paying job in any decent organization. The education you received from your graduation in commerce will only help you gain a part of the knowledge required to perform the needed responsibility in the company. However, with short term courses after graduation in commerce, you will gain advanced and detailed comprehension of the subjects by professional and experienced instructors who will help you prepare yourself to clear any interview.

Commerce is a subject that involves topics such as accountancy, business, finance, economics, etc., which is necessary for managing a business venture effectively. And since every organization these days demand personnel with great versatility and capabilities, it becomes highly significant to join any of the short term course after graduation in commerce. This is because after completing your graduation, you only acquire a fraction of information about the subject, which is certainly not enough to fulfill the job requirements. It is expected of you to acquire deep knowledge and experience and become more competent in order to get yourself placed in the company. These short term job oriented courses designed in such a way that they assist you gain every trivial and important aspect of the job requirements and help you get ready for the position.

Some of the best short term courses after graduation in commerce

  • Advanced MS Excel Training: A worthy and highly demanded course due to the importance of the application in several departments of the company. MS Excel is needed in accounts, finance, sales, database and many other departments for reporting, calculation, analysis and management of the valuable data, and thus excel training course relatively becomes a very handy short term course.
  • Accounts and taxation course: The need of accounts and taxation in any business company is well known to everyone. A company cannot survive or succeed without having an efficient accountancy and taxation department. It is responsible for the management of the company’s money, which is the most vital aspect of any industry. And thus, doing a short term course in accounts and taxation can help you acquire some valuable skills to become a part of the department.
  • Advanced Tally ERP 9: Undoubtedly the best application for accounting calculations, Tally ERP 9 training course will help you operate the application entirely and teach you the functionality of several advanced features such as multilingual capabilities, stock valuation, inventory ageing analysis, tax payments and reports, etc.
  • Data analysis training: Another significant course that allows the candidate to learn data analysis, which helps the organization to speculate and analyze the data that will contribute to the increment of the profit and sales. It also helps the company to keep a close and deep eye on the market and make necessary actions when need arrive.

There are many other short term courses that one can choose such as MIS and data analysis in excel, HR payroll training, financial analyst, direct and indirect taxation, etc., which will aid you in clearing all the obstacles and directing you on the right track. And since these short term course, you don’t need to spend years to complete these courses as they can usually be completed in 2-6 months.

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