Observing Teachers As They Work

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Teaching is a very hard job, especially when it comes to dealing with children. Each lesson gets harder as children advance from one grade level to the next which is why you have to have good teachers in place to effectively teach a set curriculum for the class. It also may be that the students need to learn in a different way to help their understanding of the subject if they face some learning disabilities or mental challenges. If we observe the way teachers are guiding their classrooms we can see just how the teachers are doing their jobs and offer the best feedback possible for a better classroom experience. 

Giving Feedback

When it comes to giving a teacher critical feedback about how the students are learning, there has to be a classroom walkthrough. These are designed to let the teacher know how effective their skills are at teaching so that students understand their lessons. It takes nothing than a school principal or college to sit in the classroom and observe what’s going on and what can be improved. This way parents will notice a difference in their child’s learning. If you want to see test scores rise on certain standardized tests, then doing a walkthrough could very well be beneficial. We all want dedicated teachers who don’t mind taking critical feedback to hone their craft. Plus, they have to be willing to receive what is being said in order to make the changes necessary to make learning for the student easier than it was before. The problem is, however, is that a walkthrough is not done in every school. It should be but the principal is too busy with enrollment numbers to see where the real problem has been located. So it’s up to us parents to have it initiated. 

The Classroom Environment 

The classroom environment should be one where the children can learn without distraction. It should be organized and a lesson plan should be in place to teach the children the skills needed to not only make it to the next grade level but in life. Every child deserves to be taught in a way that they can understand the material. It’s possible that if you have a child in your classroom who has a learning disability you as a teacher need to engage that student in the learning process that would help them. They have the right to a decent education just like all of the other students. That may be the thing to observe as more teachers need to be trained on how to focus on the students that need a bit more attention than others. Every child has a right to a decent education regardless of what their situation is. 

It’s a good idea when the principal feels that they must observe how their teachers are doing. It is also a wonderful idea when the parents do it as well. When you think about it, that student benefits the most.