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Stem Cell Treatment for Lung Diseases

One of fastest growing medical procedures today is stem cell therapy. Many have spoken out against stem cell therapy in the past. For this reason, it has not always been legal in all countries. When people learn what stem cell therapy actually is, they are often more accepting. Those with lung disease most commonly choose this treatment.

Previously, people have spoken out against stem cell therapy due to fetal involvement in the process. People just didn’t realize that there are plenty of other ways to retrieve stem cells. There can be stem cells still in the placenta after a healthy delivery. Stem cells are in umbilical tissue, as well as in different places in the human body, like fat cells. Most all people are accepting of these forms of harvesting stem cells, leading to greater legalization of stem cell therapy. While some countries still have bans on stem cell therapy and research, their number is diminishing as education grows.

Lung diseases are some of the most curable diseases by stem cell treatments. Stem cell treatment varies little when it comes to how it functions. Stem cells from the treatment center are placed into the patient’s lungs. Stem cells have the ability to change into the cells in various body tissue, and these stem cells begin to become lung tissue. Tissue growth begins as the stem cells divide. The cell multiplication occurs fast and creates healthy tissue in the body. The old harmed cells are replaced by new fresh cells, thus curing the previous diseased lung tissue.
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Stem cell therapy at this time can help restore bronchi function to the lungs. In the future, doctors and surgeons hope to be able to grow complete lungs to replace damaged ones. This makes for a much less painful process for patients. As this treatment grows, it has proven more and more successful. Patients simply need to support their bodies well during the transition.
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Doctors make sure that the stem cell injections are compatible with the body of the patient. These injections area also typically added in with some type of medication for the patient before they are injected into the tissue. Once the treatment has been completed, patients are told to take vitamins and medicines to support their body. The success of the therapy is dependent on the healthy body of the patient. While the new healthy cells are growing, it is vital that patients stay away from cigarette smoke, and do not drink alcohol. Stem cell treatment is only successful if that patient listens to their doctor for post treatment instructions.

If lung disease is an affliction you struggle with, stem cell treatment may be a good course of action.