ID’s and Lanyards: How These Useful Hanging Tools Are becoming a School Staple

Whether anyone likes to admit it or not, school security is a major pressing concern in the educational system. Refocusing and re-prioritizing that school security in a logical and culturally responsible way will be a major point moving forward. School security can’t be abused or else schools will face intense scrutiny. The sensitive culture now will look down on schools that lean heavily in areas of security. On the other hand, a tragic scenario in a school will have shocking ramifications aside from the obvious. Schools may be restaffed. People may lose their jobs. The cultural and emotional repercussions of a school tragedy can affect that school for years.

What does a school do about this balance? How do they manage too much security against too little in a way that is seen as responsible, safe, and yes, even cost-effective? Schools can manage to place some of the security on the students themselves in an indirect manner. Lanyards can fulfill that role.

Hanging ID’s

Every student in the school can have an identification card. That identification card can hang over them in a lanyard. It is deceptively simple. If a student did not have a lanyard with a school ID, they would be taken to the office and proper reactions would be taken (such as, well, finding out who they were). Schools are deploying this method across the board as a way to instantly recognize who does not belong.

School Events

The lanyards can also be sued for event promotional ideas by having students promote an event they find enjoyable. Students could potentially use the ID’s as a way to personalize what they enjoy. The lanyards can also be used at the school event, perhaps in a different color, to confirm who is attending and what role they play. There may or may not be a promotional component behind it, and schools are used lanyards as purely functional. They are using extra lanyards in promotional activities in and out of the school, as well.

Of course, lanyards only start the action towards a safer school, and everyone from students to teachers to security needs to proactively install safety measures. Lanyards can be sued as promotional or purely functional. The result is more obvious identification in a culture where this can be immensely valuable.