Short Course on Houses – What You Should Know

Easy Steps to Follow in Buying Your New Home

One of the biggest decisions you will face is buying a house. The search for a new home is a very tedious one. The purchase contract is signed and very soon, you’ll be seeing your potential new home!

Welcome! I will take on the role of home inspector. Some explanation needs to be done after your home inspection report is given to you. Things may seem bright and beautiful at the moment. You marvel at the fact that you are so close to getting your new home.

There are a few things you need to know before you continue. After receiving the home inspection report, you may feel deflated. As soon as you saw the house, it may not have occurred to you that it wasn’t “perfect.” But in fact, it wasn’t perfect at all with a list of problems from the home inspection report. It could be a feeling of shock or relief going on in your chest right now. Worry not because many homes actually do have problems after a good sweep through of inspection.

This article was written for you to know that it’s normal for homes to come out with “problems” but this shouldn’t discourage you. Information is key in making important decisions such as this.

Emotions sometimes cloud our better judgment. Making this important decision is based on the information available and the emotions you have about it.

The first thing you need to accept is that you home is not perfect. Having an enjoyable home comes with its corresponding issues and problems but this shouldn’t dampen your spirits. Houses need some love too and need to be maintained. Homes that are rarely used tend to deteriorate more quickly.

A very small fraction of homes are “lost causes.” Fixing and repairing these kinds of homes aren’t worth it anymore. You will immediately know if your desired house is the kind of house I was just talking about. If you find a home that needs quite a lot of repairs but is worth saving, this article will help you gauge if it is indeed the house for you.

The bigger percentage of homes are those that are of very good quality. Majority of people are very hands-on with their homes and take good care of them. We will be using this kind of house in our decision making process. I will be guiding you through the process of making a decision based on your home inspection report.

It is good to view the report summary. Things that need to be immediately addressed will be highlighted. The important things such as repair and safety items are in the summary. Areas to monitor are areas with issues such as leaks. An example of an improvement would be improving picket fence spacing. Because improvements are not repairs, they are not included in the summary. The body of the report is where you can find improvements.

The summary items are also reflected in the body of the report with photographs.

The contractor you will hire will also be based on the summary. Usually, giving a quote is free of charge. Working with knowledgeable people regarding home fixes will help you know who best to choose. Sometimes, it is helpful to get more than one opinion on the matter.

It is also advisable to get quotes on “monitor” items.

Researching for all of this may be burdensome but it is still very important. The due diligence period can be extended if you need more time to estimate the cost of the repairs. It is good for you to decide using as much information as you can.

To do a run-down, you have your summary of quotes and future expenses and it’s almost time to make a decision. For an easier decision making process, get a blank sheet of paper and draw a link in the middle lengthwise. You can write “positive” on the left and “negative” on the right.

You can now make categories and rank them depending on how you feel about them like “yard” is a viable category then put it on the left or right depending on its positive impact or negative impact.

You can put things such as location, costs, maintenance, and the like as categories for your decision making.

After ranking, you can now see which side your decision lies on.

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