How Much Does a Teaching Degree Cost

If you’re looking into becoming a teacher, you’re probably wondering, “How much does a teaching degree cost?” Many factors go into this answer, so it is not exactly an easy question to answer. The cost of a teaching degree will depend on what school you attend, whether you take classes online or at a traditional campus, what kind of teacher you want to become and how long you take to finish school. Private colleges will, of course, cost more, and some types of teaching jobs require higher levels of education and training, which raises the price. All things considered, though, the rewards of getting a teaching degree make the cost worthwhile.

In order to become a teacher at a K-12 school, you must start by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in a subject of your choice. If you want to teach at an elementary school you may get this degree in early childhood education, but if you want to teach a middle school or high school subject you will need to study that subject during your undergraduate education. Then you will need to complete a credentialing program, which may take one year to 18 months. Teachers in special education, math and science may also have to complete more specialized credentialing programs to begin their careers.

The answer to “how much does a teaching degree cost” depends on what route you take to get the degree. If you complete the first two years of your undergraduate degree at a community college, then attend a state university for the last two years and your credential program, you will save a lot of money. Community college costs vary by state, but you can expect to pay approximately $2,500 in tuition and another few hundred dollars in books per year. The average cost of four-year public colleges and universities is around $7,000 per year plus books and fees, but a private college education can cost more than $26,000 per year plus books and fees!

So, if you’re still wondering “how much does a teaching degree cost,” start researching the schools of your choice. There are ways to save money if you try.