Home-Schooled Students Can Use CLEP Tests to Earn College Credits

Home-schooled students are probably some of the best candidates to take CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exams. These students have already proven that they are motivated and that they are self starters based on the simple fact that they obtain their education at home. Many home-schooled students that decide to take CLEP tests have the opportunity to finish their high school degree a step ahead of many of their peers who attend public or private high schools. CLEP exams, which allow students to earn college credits by taking examinations, can jumpstart a college career and allow the homeschooled student to be well on the way to earning a college degree before he or she graduates from high school.

CLEP tests cover material taught in general education courses that students typically take in the first two years of college. These exams, which are available in subjects such as history, social sciences, composition, literature, and mathematics, each allow students the ability to earn between three and six college credits. Home-schooled students can often transfer their knowledge of what they are currently studying in order to successfully pass their CLEP tests. Even if the CLEP exam subject is unfamiliar to the homeschooler, a few weeks of independent studying is often sufficient to equip him with the knowledge he needs to know to pass the CLEP. Most home-schooled students are far more disciplined than average students and are often self-starters, self-taught learners, and have numerous intrinsic motivators; all of these factors will greatly assist the homeschooler who wishes to use CLEP to begin earning college credits.

Even if home-schooled families are unfamiliar with how to utilize CLEP tests, other families in their social network or home-school program can often offer input and advice about this amazing educational program. Between networking and a bit of Internet research, families can gain valuable insight on how to maximize the use of CLEP exams. Students may find it helpful to speak with their home-schooled peers to learn their experiences and receive helpful advice.

Parents of homeschoolers often play a vital role in helping their children benefit from CLEP test. Parents can help their children develop realistic study plans and goals, provide their children with adequate CLEP preparation resources, help their children to remain motivated. Parents of home-schooled students can also assist their children by researching higher education options. Several well-know, accredited colleges and universities allow students to earn most of their general education degree requirements using CLEP and other credit-by-examination programs.

While studying for and taking a CLEP exam that is not part of the curriculum required for graduation may not appeal to a normal high school student, many homeschoolers are eager to jumpstart their college career using CLEP tests. Although in the short term, some sacrifices are required, the long term benefits of CLEP exams are tremendous. Just imagine the freedom and opportunities to be gained by graduating from college in one or two years instead of four or give! With CLEP exams, it is possible for homeschoolers to make this dream a reality.