Guantanamo Bay

Guantanamo Bay Naval Station is a detention facility in southeastern Cuba along the coast of Guantanamo Bay. The US has been leasing the 45-square mile facility since 1903. The area shares 17-miles border with Cuba, andits lease contract can only be terminated by mutual agreement.

Legal concerns

Guantanamo Bay remains controversial because detainees (who are mainly terror suspects) are held in the facility unlawfully. The facility is located outside the US implying detainees do not enjoy the rights and freedoms as Americans do. Still, detainees do not have any rights as per the Geneva Convention. Detainees are also subjected to torture and other ill methods of extracting information as military officers investigate terror and crimes of war. For example, detainees are exposed to military dogs, deprived sleep, solitary confinement, torture, death, and prolonged exposure to extreme heat, noise and cold. To date, the facility has held a handful of people most of whom have gone for years without trial or charge. Violation of human rights in the facility is also common because nine suspects have died to date, six of whom committed suicide. In another sphere, detainees are held based on inaccurate analysis of evidence including misinformation and mistaken identity. Victims are also not provided with adequate means or methods to challenge evidence.


Military officials use the inhumane interrogating technique in Guantanamo Bay because the suspect, who are mainly terror, intend to destroy property and cause the huge or massive destruction of property. Military officials are therefore justified to torture or kill because they want to prevent a bigger crime. Further, the US was right to lease the detention bay outside the US soil. People intending to kill and destroy property should not enjoy the freedoms and rights.

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