Graduate Education And Its Value

Working professionals including PMETs should be made aware of the increasing necessity of graduate education and its value related in shaping up their career and fulfilling their various professional visions. In fact, there are a variety of options in the career field that require graduate education and one cannot even think of getting employment in good establishments without having a quality graduate degree from the right graduate schools. But choosing the right subject for a graduate education is the keystone in shaping up one’s career.

There are some graduate degrees which make one financially sound. For example, a graduate diploma in business or finance is highly appropriate for someone who wants to make his or her career in business. But this does not hold true for everyone. A person with a graduate diploma in music does not mean that he/ she is financially sound unless they have a quality graduate education. Before enrolling in a graduate school, one should see whether the time and money spent is really worth in the short and long run. If there is no definitive and positive result, then a graduate degree or a diploma is really a wastage of time and money.

Holders of graduate degrees in English, Philosophy, drama, etc are increasingly finding it difficult to secure employment in the business sector and they tend to shift their career to other niche options. Among these, an MBA degree or an Executive Master degree are the most sought after option. These days it is seen that students are inclined towards doing an MBA or Executive Master degree to get lucrative jobs in the leading MNCs offering attractive salary and perks. It is seen that students from different countries are heading towards Singapore for doing MBA in the leading Singaporean Universities. Among them INSEAD, Nanyang Business School, the National University of Singapore and Baruch College, the City University of New York are some of the leading universities in Singapore to name just a few. The Nanyang MBA is globally recognized as the Top 25 MBA programs in the world and the first and only Singapore University to be ranked that high.

AACSB accreditation is the hallmark of a high quality and internationally recognized graduate degree. A good quality graduate education improves ones individuality and gives them recognition in society. They are also beneficial to the institution as well as in the development of their nation, which is seen in countries like Singapore, Sweden and Finland where human capital is the main competitive asset of the nation. Graduate schools like Chicago and The City University of New York are already in Singapore, which attract experienced professionals across ASEAN.

Singapore is a country offering varied study options for the graduate students like Masters in Finance, Masters in Psychology, Masters in Human resources, Masters in Marketing to name a few. Emphasis is given to ensure that every student thinks and acts like global citizens and contribute towards the development of the nation. They are encouraged to attend seminars and workshops to help them gain knowledge into the working world, both in Singapore and overseas.

The main reason why thousands of students from different countries flock towards Singapore is because of the varied educational options and world-class education at low cost. In addition, the comfortable environmental scenario is also one of the reasons why Singapore has become the educational hub for foreign students as well as locals.