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After 3 yrs.Is $16.64 an hour righteous settle up? What’s your evaluation?
I also have 180 hours PTO a year and total coverage benefits. I work at a group home for people next to developmental disabilities in So. California. The 2 previous years my raises hold been 7{3646df83047b2fb247e6be389bdf79064977365019c9f2147e7000ad4acd48eb}, this past week, I get my three year review and got a 4{3646df83047b2fb247e6be389bdf79064977365019c9f2147e7000ad4acd48eb}! Does this sound resembling okay compensation for this type of work? Or am I getting shafted…

After a 5 year Rotation within Europe (in a Civilian Government Job), can you travel stern for another position?
I am looking into Federal Civilian Government jobs in Europe and own been reading about the 5 year rotation (36 months plus 24 month extension). What happen if you come back to the States for say 2 years, can you reapply for another 5 year rotation?

After I do Job Corps is it natural to find a polite duty?
People are sayin that it doesn’t work.

Age requirements for job?
So, I’m fifteen & a half. & i really need a job *does anyone know what store will hire me at my age?

Age to enjoy a State Job? Schooling?
I am interested in working for the state (GA) in possibly the Department of Family and Children Services or something of the sort. Is there a certain age requirement for positions resembling this? And, do you have to go to conservatory and specialize in anything specific? Thanks in mortgage!

Air Craft Control Selection Process?
Hi! I was looking at Air Traffic Control as a possible career alter and wound up applying for the position of Air Traffic Control Trainee through the FAA website online. The closing date for the application was May 2nd, and I applied near the running out of April. I know the next step is to take the AT-SAT if invited surrounded by one of the designated cities. I was wondering if anyone was aware with the turnaround time after application to when people are invited to thieve the test. I met all the rough and ready requirements for the position and have some things like a Bachelorā€™s level and four year of progressive management experience, so I am hoping to be invited to at least thieve the exam, and was just curious as to when I might find out.

Air Traffic Control income (current and future)?
well i tried to find some topics similar to what i was looking for and couldnt really find a straight answer. im currently looking to capture into this field and plan on attending embry riddle down here in daytona sand. ive been doing a lot of research on this and own read a lot about take-home pay cuts and how its going to get worse in the adjectives.. ANYONE who is currently an ATCer, whether your new or experienced, who can comment on this id greatly appreciate it. dont have a sneaking suspicion that i want to spend 100K on schooling and only make 20k a year šŸ˜›

Air Traffic Controller CTI institution?
How much does it cost to go through the program and how long is it ? Do I have to hold any college to start it? I have 4 years of military but in the small arms repair grazing land. I already took the AT SAT test and passed it with a 77 but I don’t have a sneaking suspicion that its good enough because it be almost 6 months since I took it.

Air Traffic Controllers. Is it worth it?
I’m very exited about the prospect of a craft in ATC. But I keep audible range everyone talk about how stressful ATC’s enjoy it. I have recently apply but is it worth it? I’m pretty moral at handling stress but it sounds like your hair will start falling out or you lose shipment. Can someone give me some feed subsidise please. On top of that i hear they cut each pay decoration by 30{3646df83047b2fb247e6be389bdf79064977365019c9f2147e7000ad4acd48eb}. Do most ATC’s feel unappreciated?

All the untried workers doing job we don’t want!?
Where were they when the coalmines were clear. No where to be seen (yes I intuitively would not like to go down the mines again) but we did it to survive. Now the administration are saying that the foreigners are coming to do the jobs we don’t resembling! where are the jobs we don’t resembling?

All the work at home job I find is a scam. Is The National Work-at-Home Employment Center a scam?
This is a “database” of legit companies to work for and costs $34 to join. Typically I wouldn’t pay to “find a job” so any this website is really good or is a scam – anyone hear or know if it?

All work and do compensate – the boss asked me if I would thieve a step up and become a “pod leader”?
Basically supervising 4 other people. The job description is that of the subsequent higher pay height but my pay hasn’t changed. Should I stay and keep working for like pay or should I tell him if I don’t obtain a raise I don’t want the extra responsibility?This is a huge corporation and I don’t think I requirement to subsidize their profit. This is the same company that is making us work Christmas Eve, a federal holiday, til 11:30pm

Allen And Associates (fees?)?
Does Allen And Associates charge a fee as a head hunter? Either process how did you like their service in finding you employment? Thanks within advance.

Am i allowed time past its sell-by date work for my civil partnership?
I was planning to go away for the alien year and ask my partner to enter a civil partnership with me but my boss has barred me the new years eve off work.

Am I eligible for status hopeful job?
I worked part-time for the Army Post Office when I was 16. I worked at hand for 2 years. If I am eligible for status candidate jobs, how can I obtain documentation for my past job? Would the behind the times post office, which is now privately owned, still hold my records?

Am I eligible for Travel reimbursment for NY State Government interviews?
I drove almost 800 miles for an interview with NY state. I dont seem to find any information give or take a few getting a travel reimbursment. I am not a NY state employee. Interviews are becoming financial burden with the gas price trail. any leads, please provide

Am i mortal below rewarded?
less than minimum wage in california? im going to seize a job tutoring for LAUSD school district 10 hrs. a week. entity is that the wage is 6.75 an hour. i did fill out a job authorization since im 16. but how can i only be paid 6.75?

Am i qualified to enter the management service even if i not civil service passer?
am i qualified to be in the government service even if i’m not civil service passer of the phillipines?i’m a irrevocable employee for almost 10 year. there is a rationalization. am i be artificial or be terminated in the government?

Am I required to inventory adjectives previously held job on a establishment application?
I’m filling out a job application (called Resume) on for a Federal position. I’m not sure if I’m expected to index every job I’ve held for the last 10 years or only the jobs that have skills directly related to the position I’m applying for. I’m asking because the later three jobs I’ve held really have no relevance to the opening I’m applying for and I’m afraid that listing them will just give somebody a lift up space on my resume and take time away from my jobs where on earth I gained the skills that really matter.

Am I using the USA Jobs site correctly?
I searched several major cities and couldn’t find more than 63 results for any of them. Many of the job I found were very specialized. Chicago 50 miles of 60606, inwardly the last 30 days. 63 results Dallas 50 miles of 75250, within the final 30 days. 51 results New York City 50 miles of 10027, within the last 30 days. 52 results Houston 50 miles of 77001, in the last 30 days. 21 results Los Angeles 50 miles of 90001, within the closing 30 days. 56 results Am I not using the site correctly? Or is the federal government no the great source of jobs I thought it be?

Am this a well brought-up contestant for the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc?
28 years old, masters degree, 4 years Intel Analyst experience contained by the Air Force. TS cleared. How much could/should the person make?

Ambitious or Annoying?
Okay I need some advice here… I am a social worker and I am moving to a hot city and I am really interested in working at the VA hospital there. I own reinstatement eligibility for a year because I did my internship at another VA hospital. There are no job postings for a position right now though. Should I travel ahead and send my resume into the HR department? I do not want to be annoying or have them put it within a pile never to be seen again. Does anyone who has worked surrounded by HR before have any guidance? Should I just go for it and hope for the best? Thanks for any input!

American eagle job?
What look do you need to get hired at american eagle? Is it intricate to get a summer job in that now . I shop there seriously. More then anyone other store and would love to work there. Nice answer one and only Thanx

Americorps application – Must enter supervisor’s email address?
I’ve worked at 3 jobs and have to include the email address of a supervisor at respectively job on the application. It’s a required part of the online application. My current supervisor doesn’t enjoy an email address and I have no idea around my other ones. It has to be in email form or it won’t dispatch. What should I put in there? Would something approaching none(a) be acceptable?

Americorps Vista- is it glib to catch in/is it worth it?
I am interested in joining AmeriCorps Vista and relocate. Can anyone serve and is it easy to procure into? Is the relocation allowance enough to move with? Is the living allowance adequate to live off of and are taxes already taken out of what they give you? After your year of service, will employer look at your service as an asset?

Ample salary opportunity working for elected representatives?
I was recently offered an entry-level opening with homeland security as a Program Analyst. Starting Pay is 35-40k…does anyone own experience working in a similar position, and has witnessed advanced-pay opportunity? At the interveiw the one woman claimed within 3-4 years I could see my salary double (performance near-term of course). Any truth to this you think?

An unnecessary blog requiring no answer. So do not answer please.?
Snakes alive! Wrong coils, calibrations so out! Arrgh! Sitting on me lonesome rokey pokey, spying a massive hullaballoo going down regarding sorning on the state. Out on our shovels soon i spose.Boster tizzy. Nein transmissions and iriot repairman a week away! Played a blinder. Hols soon, yipee! Now, mundane duties till fire bon night – burn some sod. reading Bleised Bonshee o Brochton Bow. I ask, how does you “Lend Confusion” to something? What be it Glashy said? : Sorn on yir ain cains.? Time for a kip.

Annual income for senate job?
What is the annual income for those who work in the following: 1.) International/Global studies 2.) Political communication 3.) Ethics

Another federal management hand sound out?
Take a look at this link:… According to the chart (ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS FOR GS-7 AND ABOVE), it states that after 1 year at each echelon (GS-7, GS -9, GS – 11), assuming I’m performing up to standards of course, I can become a GS-12, making a GS-12 salary, after 3 years…again, that would be 1 year at gs-7, 1 year at gs-9, and 1 year at gs-11.according to feed. gov’t salaries, I’d go from GS-7 of give or take a few 40k, to GS-12 slaary of about 70k. What I’m wondering is if I should get my hopes up or should I not hold my breath?

Any 2 month job starting contained by January? Service job etc?
My life is messed. I live in Utah, I nanny for 2 family and I also have another job, and I jump to school…I’m going to China for 5 months in August. But I really obligation to get away in January or I’ll walk insane but I just want to travel and work for 2 months cause I hold to be in Utah for March. Does anyone know of a job where on earth I can either teach english…or of late be of service…I don’t even care if I get remunerated…I just want to get out of Utah for a bit while. Any help? PLEASE?

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