The education process is a journey that never stopped throughout the human life and is very significant in human life. Therefore, many emerging theories or concepts about education with a background in both space and time are different, so the definition of education also becomes different. For loans tips, you can see through

In a general sense education is the process of moving to a society value to each of these individual and the process of removal of cultural values ​​through teaching. Education can be interpreted in three different

  1. Education is widely interpreted

That is the same with life education is all situations in life that affect a person’s growth, and education is a learning experience every person throughout life

 2.  Understanding interpreted narrowly

Education is a school or schools and influence attempted and engineered by the school against children and adolescents who handed over to him so that they have a perfect capability and full awareness of the relationships and social tasks

3. Broad terms and are limited

Education is a learning experience in the overall environment, both in school and outside of school is deliberately organized to achieve specific objectives.

Of the various views expressed experts about the value of education, then we can pull a red thread that education is the transfer of values ​​in a society included in the teaching of cultural values ​​held in the school and outside the school environment in achieving certain goals.

4. Functions of Education

Education is education that has a wide following functions:

  1. Preparing young people for holding a certain role in society in the future. This role is closely related to the continuation of life itself.
  2. Moving the science that has to with the role of the older generation to the younger generation.
  3. Moving values ​​that aim to maintain the integrity and unity of society becomes absolutely necessary for the continuation of life of a society and civilization. In other words, without the values ​​of integrity and unity of a society, the continuation of life will not be maintained properly will ultimately ending with the destruction of the community itself.

Responding to the educational function of the above, that education has an important task in preparing candidates or new generation ready to manage and play an active role in society in the future, then establish a cadre of man to continue the relay of life through the transfer of knowledge from parents to generation young, and equally important is to maintain the continuity of culture and civilization to be sustainable in the life of society.

Referred to combat such ignorance is, through the conclusion of a process of education students will be taught how to learn to read and write and then develop the knowledge and intellectual ability. When the above obtained learners, it will create Farmed, which then generates actions to choose the good and bad as well as to understand the meaning of life in this world and in the hereafter.

Through education will eliminate misunderstandings, which means that the study will provide an understanding that in addition to culture-owned and located in the environment of the individual, there are other cultures. If people understand it, it will understand the true nature of life in a society that values ​​and social skills.