Fun, Educational Youth Costume Ideas

While other children are dressing up as popular cartoon characters and scary villains and monsters, your child can stand out with a truly unique costume. One category of costumes that is highly underutilized are ones pertaining to education. Although the sound of an educational costume may sound boring, it can actually be the opposite, with a little imagination. The point you want to get across is that learning is exciting and a costume to reflect that can be just as exciting.

Book Costume

Construct a costume using a cardboard box and paints. Choosing the title of the book, as well as the cover is really up to you. The child can decorate the box to be any book they desire. A good idea is for them to create and display their favorite book. It may be a Dr. Seuss book, a young adult novel or any type of book that inspires them to read. Use the real book cover as inspiration for painting the costume one.

Another book idea your child can create is an imaginary one of their very own. It can star themselves as the main character. You can print a headshot photo of them on an 8×10 photo, cut out the head and paste it on the cardboard. You can then decorate around the head, making a character and writing in a title that matches the description. It is a fun, creative way to express one’s love for reading and adventure.

Game Piece

There are plenty of educational games to play for fun and learning. Some examples are chess, checkers, Monopoly, Uno Cards, Playing Cards and more. Choose a game piece that your child enjoys playing, such as a King chess piece, the Queen of Spades, a large die or Monopoly pewter car. Your best bet is to search for these types of costumes online, since they are very rare costumes. If you cannot find it online or in stores, you can always construct them yourself. Use materials such as cardboard, poster board, polyester filling, various fabrics and other materials. Work together as a team to build teamwork skills and gets them involved in the creative process.

School Lessons

Take inspiration from the lessons learned at school. Ask your child what their favorite lesson is that they’ve learned lately. It might be about a US General, active volcanoes, the solar system, using the paint program in computer class or dissecting a frog. All of these ideas can be incorporated into a costume using your imagination and creativity.