Free CNA Classes in California – How To Find Them

It isn’t hard becoming a certified nursing assistant in California. You have to undergo classes for 3 to 6 weeks depending on the training center you join and then take the CNA certification test. After you pass the test you’re eligible to work as a nursing assistant in any healthcare setting under the supervision of a qualified nurse.

There are a number of ways you can get free CNA classes in Los Angeles, San Diego or even San Jose. One of the best ways to go about it is to approach a nursing care facility or a hospital which has an active CNA vacancy. Due to the imminent shortage of CNA’s, quite a few of these facilities will be willing to hire you in exchange for you giving them a long – term working commitment. When looking for these facilities make sure it is one you’re ready to work in for a long time since they will most likely make you sign a contract.

Another way to get free training is to look for employment training programs in California. Due to the looming unemployment crisis, the government is continuously coming up with retraining schemes to make people eligible for more jobs. Through some of these programs it is often possible to get CNA training. A good place to find out if such a program is currently running is to call the nursing board of california. They have to authorize these sort of programs and will always have a list of the currently open ones.

If you’ve got good grades, you might be eligible for scholarships at local community colleges. See which ones are offering financial grants and loans and read the requirements carefully. There are chances that they might train you for free based on your high school grades. Community colleges usually have some of the best CNA training classes in California.