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Designing A Logo, Get Inspiration from These Trends

Designing a logo is a serious and painstaking job. There are so many consideration and to of those are colors and graphics. Moreover, there are plenty of processes to do as well. But the biggest consideration is the message that you want the logo to convey to its audience. Great designers believe that there are two main factors that make up a good design. Those two are aesthetics and simplicity. One should note that even the best designer would find it a challenging task to combine the message and the aesthetic elements into one logo. It is the same idea when a garage door repair Austin company wants a new design for a garage logo. This season follows five very popular logo design trends.

The first one is keeping the design to a minimum which has always been the trend. A simple yet meaningful logo is right for a garage door repair Austin shop. Logos that look busy are actually repulsive to many viewers. A simple but well planned design leaves an impression more effectively. Minimal design makes your logo look modern.

Looking handmake is another interesting trend. A garage door repair Austin company could use a logo design that is unique and that uniqueness is achieved by a handmade logo. An example of these logos is one that has been hand drawn which is often warm, inviting and sincere. This type of logo suits a small shop.

Another huge trend in designing a logo that a garage door repair Austin shop can use is the line art. In this style, lines are used to images, symbols or text that can represent the business. There are endless line combinations even if you are limited to two colors. With this style, it is easy to adhere to simplicity.

Do not even think of 3-dimensional designs because the a flat one is the trend nowadays. This is an age old style that is still effective today. It is important to keep your logo simple and by simple it means two or three flat colors and no shadows.

Lastly, negative space has become huge now a days. The negative space is what forms the image of your logo. A good example is the arrow found in the logo for FedEx or the S in the USA network logo. This type of logo easy captures viewers’ eyes if done right.

While it is true that designing a logo for a garage door repair Austin is difficult, you will never go wrong as long as you adhere to one of these trends and that it is pleasing to look at and easy to understand.