Distance degrees refused by the J&K SSRB for the government posts

Distance Degrees becomes a halt in the way of applying,

Thousands of candidates in worry, frustration, plead for justice


The decision which was taken earlier in the valley of Kashmir about the study centers of the universities offering distance education degrees has created a tension full environment in the thousands of the students who were pursuing different courses in the universities. However they got their campus transferred from Kashmir to outside of the state but the recent decision which was announced by the authorities that the distance education degrees other than the IGNOU, DOEACC, MANU, Kashmir University and Jammu University will not be considered for the recruitment process through the concerned Service Selection Recruiting Boards. There are thousands of candidates frustrated over the orders as they have completed their education mostly in the distance mode and that too from the outside the state.

Different courses in Information Technology, Management, Tourism and the Hotel Management were the priority based courses opted by the students of the valley in these universities as the low fee package and the easy completion of the degrees without much time to invest upon. Such decision has evolved an anguish and hatred in the hearts and the minds of the aspirants due to their non eligibility for the posts which are being advertised.

The regulation bodies framed the rules over which the response from the intended section of the degree holders is full of anguish and the disappointment as they cannot think of applying for any post advertised through Service Selection Recruiting Board (SSRB).

“I have completed my post graduation in biotechnology and I was pursuing M.Phill in the same from a university in Chennai through distance mode but when I heard about the notification which was issued here about the rejection of the distance degrees other than the five universities, I left Chennai along with my M.Phill degree as I found it as a time waste to pursue that degree without having any value in our valley. It is totally un-understandable that how the government of Jammu &Kashmir can do such thing without taking any notice of education rate,” said, Showkat Ahmad, an aspirant from Srinagar.

UGC has time to time advised students and the parents who go for admissions in different universities through study centers that they should check the UGC website and the admissions should be taken with care and full knowledge about the authorization and the non authorization as there are still some of the study centers in the valley which are being run by some persons without the authorization and the registration, they deceive the candidates in the name of the universities.

“Further care and verification is necessary in the field of study centers which do not have any registration till now if they would show any kind of such authorization that is to large extent a fake and illegal un-authorization made by them as some of the candidates from the valley are no more interested in the government jobs so because of which they choose distance education professional courses so as to get adjusted in the private sector at earliest but there they find also an obstacle of same kind when they are said to be that the degree is unrecognized,” said, Ab. Majeed, an educationist.

Still the distance degree holders are in hope that the restrictions which have been imposed upon them by the Service Selection Recruiting Board(SSRB), might be revoked in the coming time as the candidates all over the valley are requesting the authorities for taking such decisions back.

Candidates are having AICTE and DEC recognized degrees and are not fraud in any way but the main hindrance which has came to their way is the Distance Education. The aspirants from all over the valley are now alleging the authorities of mismanagement of their power and position as the government is day by day passing assurances to the people that the unemployment rate will be decreased but the unfavorable orders again show the failing progress in the valley despite the odds which the youth of the valley have to face continuously due to the unrest and the situations.  They accuse authorities that in spite of providing assistance to the youth of the valley they are trying to mar their future by issuing such career opposing orders.

Now the students having distance mode degrees are not with any other option to get their selves admitted for regular degrees if they want to find any place in the government sector.

While talking to this journalist, a group of distance degree holders said that they have been victimized to suffer a lot at this crucial stage of unemployment as the SSRB is advertising many posts at district, divisional and state cadre level but we do not have been allowed to consider our degrees as eligibility. They further said that there is a issue of same kind that some students who are of average academic record from Kashmir get their percentage in 80’s and 90’s outside state, we appeal that the government should also make any provision for such thing also. There are numerous students in the valley who are not able to cover the percentage in even 70’s despite of the excellent career performance of past. Some independent Regulatory Body is the need of the time to supervise these issues so as to make transparency in the working of the system otherwise the doubt is always towards the ill management of power. These are the issues which need recognition and effort to control at earliest.