DDoS Attack Protection Pays Off for Businesses of All Sizes

Many business owners and leaders today rightly worry about digital security, because the damage done by a single intrusion can be difficult to bear or recover from. When a single attack by malicious software that uses cryptographic algorithms to encrypt valuable files can hold up a company for days until a large ransom is paid, being serious about digital security must be regarded as a top priority. At the same time, some business owners fail to appreciate the whole range of attacks that have now become so common. Where many businesses end up focusing on keeping malicious software from infesting their networks and computers, there are other real threats to account for, as well.

One of the most serious of these at the present time is a danger known as the distributed denial of service attack, or “DDoS.” A denial of service attack, in general, is one where an attacker does everything possible to tie up network and server resources so that they cannot be accessed by legitimate users. Whether this means that would-be customers are no longer able to learn about a company’s products at its websites or employees find themselves unable to work, any kind of denial of service attack can be costly.

A distributed attack ups the ante by multiplying the number of adversarial endpoints. Instead of a single server controlled by a criminal flooding a site with illegitimate traffic, hundreds or thousands of computers might be turned to this purpose. A distributed attack will not only tend to increase the severity of the damage, since the volume of traffic will often be much higher, it will also make it harder to mitigate. Instead of being able to block a single attacker from accessing and tying up a website or other server, many more will need to be accounted for.

As a result, arranging for effective DDoS attack protection is something that many businesses today will want to look into. When a DDoS attack can be staged by some criminals at the drop of a hat, it can take very little to become a target. Having provisions ready for that moment will always be the best way of minimizing the damage that could be done.