Career Opportunities in Esthetics are Virtually Unlimited in California

Salon professionals who are looking for a secure yet rewarding career are turning their attention to the area of esthetics; estheticians practice the most current organic and alternative forms of treatment, while enjoying personal growth and fulfillment. There is currently a shortage of licensed salon professionals, so there is plenty of high income, flexible, and secure employment opportunities available. Today’s estheticians work alongside plastic surgeons and dermatologists, in resorts, day spas, salons, department stores, and medical spas. Licensed estheticians may also utilize their education with employment opportunities in research environments with the world’s leading skincare companies.

Consumers all over the world are embracing the spa experience as an essential part of their leisure activity; spas can now be found outside the confines of four and five star resorts and are now located in small boutiques and large hotels. Day spas are everywhere these days, and they cater to different types ranging from the ultra-wealthy to 9-to-5 workers on their lunch break.

Estheticians who are trained in programs like the one offered at the Federico Beauty Institute, a leader in cosmetology and esthetics education, are discovering that there are unlimited career opportunities in such settings as spas and health clubs, hotels and resorts, sports organizations, and cruise ships. Estheticians have access to worldwide employment opportunities, as more and more people throughout the world are beginning to understand the value of skin and body care.

A career in esthetics offers even greater rewards than simple financial security and employment opportunities. Moreover, it is an exhilarating, multidimensional career path that provides you with a wide scope of knowledge, superior customer service skills, and the gratification of knowing that you can help people to feel better by looking their best.  According to one successful California esthetician, “It’s important to keep current with trends, network, and most of all, start out with a good educational foundation.”


Federico Body institute, a third-generation, family-owned and operated beauty school, offers you “a career that grows as you grow personally and professionally,” by continuing its 60-year commitment to the education of cosmetology and esthetics students. Federico has a mission: To maintain the highest of academic standards while educating the future movers and shakers of the beauty industry. The professional, tenured educators at Federico vow to motivate and mentor students to be “the best that they can be” as beauty professionals. They continuously keep up with the changing industry trends by taking continuing education classes, and they share their knowledge through teachings in methodology as well as hands-on, practical training. To learn more, visit